Genesis 1

tune: St. Flavian, 100.
Genesis 1
1-11 Let heav’n arise, let earth appear,
said the Almighty Lord:
The heav’n arose, the earth appear’d,
at his creating word.
2 Thick darkness brooded o’er the deep:
God said, “Let there be light:”
The light shone forth with smiling ray,
and scatter’d ancient night.
3 He bade the clouds ascend on high;
the clouds ascend, and bear
A wat’ry treasure to the sky,
and float upon the air.
4 The liquid element below
was gather’d by his hand;
The rolling seas together flow,
and leave the solid land.
5 With herbs, and plants, and fruitful trees,
the new‐form’d globe he crown’d,
Ere there was rain to bless the soil,
or sun to warm the ground.
6 Then high in heav’n’s resplendent arch
he plac’d two orbs of light,
He set the sun to rule the day,
the moon to rule the night.
7 Next, from the deep, th’ Almighty King
did vital beings frame;
Fowls of the air of ev’ry wing,
and fish of ev’ry name.
8 To all the various brutal tribes
he gave their wondrous birth;
At once the lion and the worm
sprung from the teeming earth.
9 Then, chief o’er all his works below,
at last was Adam made;
His Maker’s image bless’d his soul,
and glory crown’d his head.
10 Fair in th’ Almighty Maker’s eye
the whole creation stood.
He view’d the fabric he had rais’d;
his word pronounc’d it good.

Since the beginning of time, God communicates with us. For this, the Holy Bible is a very powerful vehicle, since it is the word of the Lord embodied in black on white. As you know, there are several versions of the Holy Scriptures, made in pursuit of a better understanding of the word of the Lord. In the version 'Scottish Metrical Paraphrases 1781 ' we find that the chapter 1 of the Genesis is shown to us in the way that we can see below.

The book Genesis of the Bible has 50 chapters. And in the chapter 1 we can find 31 verses, in which God reveals his teachings to us and indicates to us through his immense wisdom, love and goodness, the way in which we should act and approach Him.

We have no doubt that reading the chapter 1 of the book Genesis of the version 'Scottish Metrical Paraphrases 1781 ' of the Holy Bible it will be easy for you to understand how our beloved Father never leaves us alone, and that in the texts he left for us it is possible to find all the answers that need. Remember that you can always read the chapter 1 in one of the other versions of the Bible that we have for you, although it is a very interesting exercise that you have now chosen to read the chapter 1 of the version 'Scottish Metrical Paraphrases 1781 ' of the Holy Bible.